Invasive Species

InvasiveThis work addresses biological invasions of forest ecosystems by insect herbivores. Our primary areas of focus involve components of the basic themes listed above: host-mediated interactions among feeding guilds, introduced insects as species-complexes of microorganisms and herbivores, roles of tree defense and forest architecture in the establishment and eruptive population dynamics of invasive insects, and science-based trade-offs in forest management decisions. Current projects include:

  • Role of symbioses in biological invasions
  • Belowground herbivory by invasive weevils
  • Effects of host plant chemistry and forest architecture on biological invasions
  • Distinguishing between processes favoring establishment (Allee effects) vs. eruption
  • Biological control of emerald ash borer
  • Interface of endangered and invasive species


Collaborators : Pat Tobin (USFS), Bill Mattson (USFS), Sandy Liebhold (USFS), Jane Cummings Carlson (WI DNR), Cameron Currie (UW Bacteriology)

Selected Publications and Presentations